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Space Camp Counselor (Crew Trainer)
Title:Space Camp Counselor (Crew Trainer)
Job Type:Part Time
Work Shift:N/A
Pay Rate:N/A
Space Camp Counselor

**Position begins January 30th , 2017**
A. Mission and Scope
The purpose of this position is to provide specialized supervision, guidance, and instruction to camp attendees in a team setting. The Counselor will lead educational activities on topics such as the history of space and aviation programs and a variety of aerospace related topics, including, but not limited to, Mission Center Complex (MCC), Aviation Challenge (AC), Robotics, and Museum simulators. Counselors are ultimately responsible for ensuring trainees receive a quality, safe, and secure camp experience that reflects the Mission, Vision, and Spirit of the USSRC.
B.  Qualifications
Education:  Prefer a minimum of 30 hours completed college credit.  Life and professional experience may substitute for educational required hours. 
Experience:  Experience working with children (e.g., coaching, tutoring, teaching), or an equivalent combination of education and experience desired.  Previous experience in a similar educational, instructional, camp, or space exploration work environment, or military experience a definite plus.  Must possess excellent communication and instructional skills and be positive role model.   Must exhibit strong leadership skills. 

    Other Special Requirements:
  • Preferably at least 20 years of age
  • Valid driver's license and good driving record preferred
  • Willingness to comply with our required dress code. (e.g., males may not wear ear rings.) 
  • Must pass drug and alcohol test, clear the State Central Registry on Child Abuse/Neglect upon employment, and other tests and background checks required by management.
C.  Position Duties                                                                                                                          

Educating and Instructing Trainees/Participants
  1. Conduct Space Shuttle, International Space Station, Mars, high-performance manned, and unmanned aviation simulations training, and ensure that trainees are adequately instructed in mission simulation positions and understand their roles in the overall mission.
  2. Provide knowledgeable explanations about a variety of space and aviation related subjects and perform lectures and briefings as assigned.
  3. Ensure that trainees are adequately instructed in all program contents and activities for a successful and enjoyable experience.
Supervising and Providing Care for Trainees/Participants
  1. Escort and accompany trainees at all times to scheduled activities, maintaining orderly behavior and a professional learning environment.
  2. Attend to any personal difficulties encountered by trainees, such as illness, contact with parents, loss of personal items, etc.
  3. Ensure transportation arrangements are confirmed through our transportation department and relayed to trainee. 
  4. Serve as a positive professional role model for trainees.  NO PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH TRAINEES allowed unless it is a life-threatening situation.
  5. Instruct, supervise and perform swimming/water activities.
  6. May serve as a lead in areas with unique requirements and specific job knowledge in USSRC programs.
  7. Perform other related duties as assigned.
D.  Physical Requirements of the Position
1.   This position has the following special requirements:
  • Walking and climbing (stairs, hills, and wooded terrain) to access other departments and experience all areas of the training environment.
  • Standing for long periods of time (4-6 hrs) or for duration of shift instructing and operating simulators.
  • Carrying and lifting equipment, supplies, and objects up to 50 lbs. waist high.
  • Bending, kneeling and reaching to store & retrieve supplies, and operate simulators.
  • Seeing to present lectures and briefings and conduct instructional tours through the museum and other areas of the facility and campus.
  • Talking and hearing to communicate with supervisors, guests, trainees and employees in person and over the telephone.
  • Ability to work in an outdoor environment in hot summer temperatures (should not exceed 105° F heat index).
  • Able to swim/teach in a water environment free from fear and/or anxiety.
E.  General Requirements
  1. Willingness to be open to learning and growing​
  2. Has sufficient interpersonal skills and can work as an integral part of a team
  3. Must possess a valid driver’s license, appropriate references, and transcripts from college courses
  4. Maintains appropriate interpersonal and personal boundaries
  5. Displays maturity of judgment and behavior
  6. Accepts full responsibility for their actions and how these may affect others
  7. ​Adheres to, and participates in, the Center’s safety programs
F.  Professional Standards
  1. Ensures the health and safety of the trainees as a first priority
  2. Creates an environment of emotional safety for the children in each group
  3. Motivates each group and trainee to be goal and accomplishment oriented
  4. Understands and follows all USSRC policies and procedures
  5. Is a positive role model:  displays positive attitude, interest, and motivation to work with the trainees, other aerospace team members, and other departments.
  6. Participates in teamwork:  effective and productive involvement with all Space & Rocket Center staff
  7. Maintains high standards for work areas and appearance; presents self in a highly professional manner to others.  
G.  Teamwork Standards
  1. Takes an interest and initiative in the development of the Department’s team
  2. Maintains pleasant and professional relationship with co-workers and assists as needed
  3. Remains positive about the team and facilitates an optimistic approach to resolution of issues
  4. Maintains productive, effective, and professional relationships with all departments
Employee is responsible for working in a safe manner and keeping his/her workplace safe.
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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