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Mars Grill Supervisor
Title:Mars Grill Supervisor
Job Type:Full Time
Work Shift:N/A


Mars Grill Supervisor


A.      Mission and Scope

The purpose of this position is to provide leadership to front line supervisors in an effective and efficient manner while ensuring that guests, trainees, and employees receive quality products and services that reflect the Mission, Vision and Spirit of the USSRC.

B.      Qualifications

Education: High school or G.E.D.  plus 2 years of formal education beyond high school level.  Additional certifications are proven asset.   Must be Safe Serve certified. 


Experience: 3-6 years hands on experience in a high volume, full service food environment with a minimum 2 years supervisory experience.  Must possess excellent verbal communication skills to interact effectively with guests and employees.  Must have knowledge of food preparation and sanitation standards and the operation of food service equipment.  Must be able to lead, direct, and schedule staff and resources.


C.      Physical Requirements of the Position

This position has the following special requirements:

  • Walking, climbing (stairs) to access other departments
  • Standing for long periods of time (6-7 hours) instructing, training & supervising employees
  • Sitting for short periods of time (1hour) at a desk ensuring staff schedule are correct
  • Lifting, carrying, pushing supplies and boxes up to 50 lbs. waist high
  • Bending, kneeling, reaching to store/retrieve supplies
  • Sight, reading, wrist movements, feeling to operate food service equipment, computer terminal, develop schedules, review reports
  • Talking, hearing to instruct employees and assist guests and trainees in person and over the telephone

This position involves working in a kitchen/food service environment that is subject to changing temperatures.  This position deals extensively with guests and employees throughout the organization.


D.      General Requirements
  1. Willingness to be open to learning and growing
  2. Interpersonal skills to work as an integral part of a team
  3. Appropriate interpersonal/personal boundaries
  4. Maturity of judgment and behavior
  5. Accepts full responsibility of their actions and how these may affect others
  6. Adherence and participation in the Center’s Safety Program


E.       Professional Standards
  1. Understands and follows all policies & procedures
  2. Maintains high standards for work areas and appearance, presents self in a highly professional manner to others and understands that honesty & ethics are essential
  3. Ensures that excellent customer service is maintained with each customer
  4. Maintains a positive attitude toward the position, the company and co-workers 
  5. Appreciates that promptness and attendance at work is a part of sustaining a professional relationship with the company


F.       Teamwork Standards
        1. Takes an interest and initiative in the development of the Department’s team
        2. Maintains pleasant and professional relationship with co-workers & assists as needed
        3. Remains positive about the team and facilitates an optimistic approach to resolution of issues
        4. Maintains productive, effective and professional relationships with all departments


G.      Supervisory Standards
  1. Adheres to organizational policies and applicable laws          
  2. Instructs, coaches and encourages staff to support by action and example the mission and vision of the Center                                                               
  3. Demonstrates good judgment within supervision of staff     
  4. Effectively monitors staff performance and offers appropriate coaching, counseling or supervision as required                                                                  
  5. Completes staff evaluations, documentation, etc., on time and effectively
  6. Serves as an adult role model to staff by demonstrating exemplary work ethic
H.       Position Duties


  1. Crew Galley (Camp Line) Operations:
    1. Maintain a minimum 90% health department rating.
    2. Maintain a minimum average rating of 85% on camp program trainee surveys.
    3. Manage labor and food costs within provided guidelines.
    4. Maintain cash over/short variance to within .03 of total cash sales.
    5. Ensure adherence to all policies and procedures for the food service department.
    6. Ensure minimum staffing requirements for service areas in the department are met.
    7. Ensure adherence to the policies and procedures of the USSRC.
    8. Ensure accurate and timely schedules for Astrotrek and Space Camp program meals
    9. Ensure that special dietary needs are distributed to trainees
    10. Maintain and distribute accurate meals and group schedules on a weekly basis
    11. Ensure staffing chart for next business day
    12. Ensure accurate completion of daily, weekly and monthly cleaning list
    13. Assist in other areas as needed
  2. Public Line (Mars Grill®) Operations:
    1. Maintain a minimum of 90% on Health Department rating
    2. Assist with management of labor costs within supplied guidelines
    3. Ensure the completion of the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning lists.
    4. Ensure that staffing charts are completed each day for the next day’s business.
    5. Ensure the accurate completion of opening and closing checklist.
    6. Ensure the timely completion of the supervisors pre-rush checklist.
    7. Ensure that prep sheets are completed each day and that an accurate par is established and updated regularly.
    8. Ensure that 90% of all staff are trained & certified in three or more positions.
    9. Maintain daily record of waste and ensure that it is no more than .004 of sales.
    10. Utilize stocking charts, par and level stocking system for pre-prepared items.
    11. Maintain cash over/short variance to within .003 of total cash sales.
    12. Ensure adherence to all policies and procedures for the food service department.
    13. Ensure the minimum staffing requirements for Food Court operations is met.
    14. Ensure that policies and procedures of the USSRC are adhered to.




The above duties reflect the general responsibilities necessary to describe the principal work functions of the job, and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be in the position.


Employee is responsible for working in a safe manner

 and keeping his/her workplace safe.


This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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